Medda announces upcoming Fission EP

August 29, 2020

I am very excited to announce that Medda will be releasing a new four-song EP, Fission. It has been over three years since Medda has released material, so I’m happy to be releasing music again.

The idea for this EP came about when I was given the opportunity to work with some great vocalists on some of my favorite unfinished and unreleased material. The songs I had written are much heavier and darker than previous Medda songs, so combined with the new vocal element, I thought this would be a great concept as an EP.

I’m always looking to push the Medda sound in new directions. So I’m looking forward to adding this EP to the Medda lineup. Fission will be release digitally on all major streaming platforms on October 9, 2020. Follow Medda on Instagram and Facebook for more updates!