Medda is a musical project fronted by multi-instrumentalist, Robert Pessagno. Composed primarily of progressive metal, Medda’s music branches out into electric, rock, and death metal genres. Medda’s heavy and groovy riffing combine with Scandinavian-style guitar leads, Satch-inspired solos, atmospheric keys, and energetic drums to create unique and memorable soundscapes.

Medda is a solo project, but where vision exceeds skill, Robert employs the talents of his musical circle of friends. Medda collaborations include Björn “Speed” Strid (Soilwork, Disarmonia Mundi), Mattias IA Eklundh, Bears Among Men, Robert Hardin (Occuli, Minus Tides, Astoria), Cleveland Bledsoe Jr. (Dreamspire, Astoria), Kevin Strong (Wintersfear, Wordsauce), and Ralph Lee (Altercation).

The Fission EP is Medda’s most recent release, and is a departure from Medda’s usual instrumental work in that it features Medda’s first-ever inclusion of vocals. Medda’s other releases include two full-length albums, Conquest (2017) and Oceanus (2013), and an EP entitled Reprise (2014).

All music is written and recorded in Robert’s home studio in Grover Beach, California, using the following gear:

LTD MH-417 7-string
Gibson Les Paul Custom
Dingwall Combustion 5-string
Logic Pro X
Roland TD-12 V-Drums